This Is Why You Haven’t Seen A Baby Pigeon

Go to any urban mall and without a doubt you will be surrounded by many pigeons.

But, despite their large numbers, you rarely or never see a baby pigeon. They are like modern urban unicorns, just not quite as amazing. Fortunately there is a simple explanation for this mystery.

First, the doves you see down the street eating leftovers from a nearby bakery are urban wild pigeons ( Columba livia domestica ).

This subspecies of birds originally lived on the barrier reef and rocks along the coasts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. Although they replaced their natural habitat with skyscrapers and urban areas, they still bend their nests in hollows near the tops of buildings.

You should also bear in mind that the young birds leave the nest when they are only 25-32 days old. This means that unless you find them in a hole on top of the building in this short time span, than it will be hard to see how they look while they are young.

Doves are born naked and should upswing feathers before they leave the nest. Therefore, they remain in the nest until they are able to fly.

Unless you follow a young pigeon from a window, balcony or from a high area, than it may be better to not see it at all, because that would be a sign that something is wrong.