Watch How Whales Change the Climate (Video)

Whales are amazing creatures, but how do they exactly change the climate? Lets find out.

One of the most exciting discoveries in the last half century is the discovery of widespread trophic cascades.

Trophic cascade is an environmentally friendly process that starts at the top of the food chain and continues to the bottom.

We all know that whales feed on fish and crustaceans (krill). Some people, including some politicians from Japan, believe that killing whales is good for mankind, because it will increase the food we eat (fish and crustaceans).

But over the years, the number of whales has declined. Therefore the number of fish and shrimps declined as well.

How is that possible?

Whales do not only eat these animals, but they also keep them alive. In fact, whales help to maintain the whole living system in the oceans.

Watch the video to see how they do that: