Watch These Snakes Fight For Right To Mate (Video)

Watch these two deadly brown snakes that fight and intertwine with each other, forming a huge, curved, double snake.

Recorded near Western Australia Dandaragan region, this video shows two snakes of the “Pseudonaja nuchalis” kind that intertwine their bodies together to form a super-snake.

This actually represents a fight between two males for, probably, a female which is located nearby. This is common during the spring and early summer when snakes are multiplying.

“We get reports, videos and pictures of pairs of different types of snakes that have intertwined one another. Almost everyone thinks they saw mating between two snakes, but in fact it is a ritual wrestling between two males”. Declares Nick Clement, from the Department of Sustainability and Environment of Victoria, Australia.

So what exactly is happening and how do males inflict pain on each other with all the twisting?

If these snakes really want to hurt each other, you would think of painful bites instead of this form of dance.

But this mating ritual is not a fight to the death, but a show of force to prove who is stronger and has better resources. Then the winner will be able to mate with the female nearby and the loser will leave defeated.

However, with other kinds of snakes the combat is more assertive and they mutually bite each other. Although the intent is not deadly, these fights can be dangerous because snakes can lead themselves to shortness of breath because of all this pinching.

This kind of mating ritual is not present only in the form of brown snakes, it is quite common to all the snakes in the world, and even between different species.

The problem with the lack of air becomes a little more realistic when two large snakes come into contact.

In addition, here is the video how these snakes square up to each other.