Unreal Photos Of Animals From The Scandinavian Vicious Forest

The young Finnish photographer, Konsta Punka (22), managed to record some unreal yet beautiful photos of inhabitants of the Scandinavian wilderness.

The photos tell their story and we are currently being teleported in the magical world of enchanted forests, the fight between good and evil.

Punka, photographer for seven years, mainly focuses on photographing nature, especially in the last five years. His seat is in Helsinki and says he is not a stranger when he finds himself in the wilds of northern countries where he spends time exploring the woods.

Revealing this hidden world, Punka’s photographs wanted to show the beauty and vulnerability of these powerful creatures in their habitats.

“I love to explore and photograph the secret life of animals. Many people have no idea who they actually are and how they behave. With the portraits of wild animals, my main focus is to try to catch the emotions of animals. Taking photos represents the happy and sad moments” – said Punk.

In addition, check out some of his unreal and beautiful photos:

Portrait of a fox – This fox seems to understand everything.

Nibbling – Squirrel thinks it is obviously time for a snack.

Squad – Bears curiously observe the environment.

Hu-hu – Owls are much warmer when they are together.

Deer – The word grace was discovered when the man first saw a deer.

Reynard – Foxes are suspicious of people with a camera.

A good time – Squirrel looking for acorns