This Is How You Can Understand The Emotions Of Animals

So far, studies on animals were focused on negative emotions and stress. Causing difficulties to those who work with them to recognize when they are in a delicate, but positive situation.

To this end, Dr. Alan McElligott Dr. Elodie Briefer of “QMUL”, made the first survey of goats, published in the journal “Animal Behaviour”.

The intention was simple.

To get the full picture of psychological and vocal indicators of emotions and understand how goats express feelings during a slightly positive and negative situations.

They found that goats have their ears move forward, hold the tail up and produce more stable sounds (with a stable frequency) when they are in a positive state.

“It is relatively easy to identify negative emotions in animals. But we know little about how they express positive feelings. Delicate hints of goats, such as small changes in their shouts or the position of their ears can tell us whether the environment is good for them,” said Dr. McElligott.

This research can cause changes in the way animals accommodate.

Because people will be able to adapt the habitat of the needs of animals. And ensure that they have the best care and welfare as well.