Possible Communication With Dolphins?

Researchers who tested a “translator”, which could allow people to communicate with dolphins, said that for the first time they recorded the successful use of the device when the dolphin showed seaweed to scientists at the nearby water.

“It was amazing, we had a match. I was stunned”, said Dr. Denis Hercing, project director and creator of the translating device.

This device uses a pair of hydrophones (underwater microphones) to record a complete range of clicking and whistling that dolphins make.

Instead of translating these vocalizations to human language, Hercing teaches dolphins limited dictionary that defined people. This helps to simplify the large number of sounds that they make.

Dolphins, which are very intelligent animals and are able to use tools, use signal whistles to address an individual. As well as snap sonar that helps them in hunting.

Hercing developed eight “words” that use the same vocalizations as those used by dolphins. They were related to certain things in the environment such as “kelp” and “sideways riding the waves”. (when a dolphin jumps on a wave that was made by the ship).

In this incredible discovery the dolphin dropped a unique whistle that is associated with seaweed.

However, no one can say whether the dolphin actively demonstrated on vegetation, because “the word” was heard only once.