How Do Male Peacocks Spend Their Time In The Mating Season?

Peacocks have such extravagant plumage and very showy performances.

Having said that, you would certainly imagine that peacocks would walk beside females throughout the whole day. However it turns out that most of the day they spend in male company.

Evolutionary biologists from Texas A & M University tasked to put GoPro-esque cameras on the heads of 14 Indian peacocks.

They managed to stay with them during the breeding season, in order to monitor their eye movements and the line of sight to see what they commonly observed.

The results showed that male peacocks spend 27.9 percent of their time looking at their male rivals, 43.4 percent looking around, and just 3.1 percent asking females for mating.

The remaining data was not analyzed due to errors with the cameras. Females can be said to have strikingly similar views on the way in the evaluation of males.

Most of the peacock’s view was directed toward the bottom of the extravagant tail of other males. Researchers believe that this is a good indicator of the role and size the tail and body has when choosing a potential rival.

It is a confirmation because females are also commonly seen looking at the tail of the male.

Previous research has also shown that males with longer tails were successful in obtaining a territory and building relationships.