Why Are Pandas Black And White?

As one of the most distinctive animals, pandas have one thing that distinguishes them from other animals: their color.

Striking black and white pattern has always attracted attention, and it raises the question of where does such a view come from?

A new study offers theory by analyzing the behavior of pandas and other carnivorous animals in terms of the environment.

Regarding the bears who spend their life in the snow, and those who live in dense forests, black and white scheme is something of a compromise that provides camouflage in both environments.

The characteristic of their eyes and ears agree on their mutual communication.

Among scientists there were different proposals on the black and white contrast of pandas. An animal can not remain unnoticed, especially if you weigh up to 160 kilograms.

One of the researchers suggests that such variations of color can help regulate their body temperature. Especially for pandas living in two different environments. However, many other kinds fit in monochrome menagerie.

Could this help explain the color of the pandas?

Lane zebra prompted much debate among biologists, with explanations of protection against tsetse flies and to confuse predators.

While penguins seem to have a much clearer explanation – such color is used only for camouflage. None of these explanations fit with the giant panda.

Therefore, the tactics of the investigators was different. They used comparative phylogenetic approach, observing the color of the pandas coat, 195 other carnivorous species and 39 subspecies of bears in addition to the environment in which they live and their social behavior.

They found an association between the brighter colors and the snowy environment, and darker pigments in a wooded environment, suggesting that the panda has camouflage in both environments.

But their characteristic facial points do not fit into this model. Instead, it seems that the species with sharp ears and eyes were the fiercest issues. Scientists believe black ears could serve as warning for predators as well as communication.