New Forests On Earth Are Found

The new analysis for the global prevalence of forests have “discovered” 476 million acres of previously undiscovered forests. It is a surface equal to 60 percent of the size of Australia.

With this discovery the global coverage of the woods is increasing for about nine percent.

This will considerably change the estimates of how much carbon is stored in plants world-wide.

Forests are discovered with analysis of new satellite imagery and technique for mapping of “dry areas”. They are called as such, because they lose much more water through the metabolism of plants compared to how much they receive during rainfalls.

The new analysis showed that in those arid regions are found 45 percent more plants than it was previously known.

Scientists have discovered newfound forests in all parts of the populated continents. But mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, around the Mediterranean, the central part of India, seafront in Australia, western part of South America, northeastern Brazil, northern Colombia and Venezuela and the northern parts in Canada and Russia.

After the analysis in Africa, the surface has seen a double increase under forests in arid areas.

Considering the fact that it is shown that the arid areas have a greater capacity for holding of the flora. These areas take up to 40 percent of the surface of the Earth. And they fight against the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

Following the forests is of key importance for the ecology. Scientists have stressed this in the study which is published in the magazine “Science”.

According to the study, the estimates for total carbon stocked are increased between 15 gigatons and 158 gigatons, which is an increase of 20 percent compared to previous estimates.