This Is What You Need To Know To Keep Fish In Aquarium

Previously, scientists claim that the brain of fish from the aquarium is very small and simple, hence why the fish do not have emotions. Latest Research which was carried out by professor Rui Oliveira of the University ISPA in Lisbon, goes against this myth.

The research showed that the fish can also feel, create friendships and each of them has its own built personality. They are social just as the humans are and the remaining mammals. The research has been implemented on the zebra-fish, Asian fish with zebra-like pattern that charms the aquarium in many homes.

“People who refuse to consume flesh out of moral reasons, but consume fish need to know this,” says Dr Penny Hawkins, head of the researches on the RSPCA.

By studying the attitude of the zebra-fish, scientists have discovered that their life in the community gives them a feeling of security. In large numbers they aren’t afraid to face the dangers.

Dr Penny Hawkins hopes this research helps people not to look upon the fish in a lower aspect. Hawkins also states that fish have feelings and experiences too.

On the question whether considered that the fish are creating friendships, she says it depends on how we define friendship.

“Friendship between two fish, will not be identical to the human friendship. But if you define friendship as a relationship between two individuals who know each other and the presence of the other carries them positive emotions, then the it is a friendship between the fish as well”.

There are a lot of researches related to the personality of a fish. Some fish are direct, some are shy. Much more is happening in aquarium than it overall feels for people, finished Hawkins.