5 Most Interesting Videos Of Animals

Take a look at the charming, witty, instructive and incredibly entertaining world of animals. People of planet Earth share life with thousands of other species for which, even-though scientists publish interesting studies on an almost daily basis, we still do not know enough.

Therefore, it is not surprising that from time to time some nice footage appear on the Internet showing inexplicable behavior.

Therefore, here are some of the most interesting videos of animals on the internet:

Reactions of cats on a cucumber

This nice jump experts explain as an instinctual need of a cat to defend itself, such as when encountering a potential predator. Because of this, they advise cat owners not to try this at home and do not expose their pets to unnecessary stress.

Surfing with white sharks

Lovers of water sports are popular on the beach in Southern California and they recorded a meeting with a group of white shark cubs.

This photo has caused a lot of criticism of the viewers who thought they should leave sharks alone and head for the coast.

Experts have stated that the young sharks probably were curious and harmless. But also warned that it is best to steer clear of these creatures.

A former circus lion feel the grass under his paws for the first time

Another snapshot shows how the circus lion named Vil behaves when he first feels the grass under his paws and tastes freedom in the shelter for wildlife in Brazil.

“This video made my day,” commented one of the many spectators.

Indeed, it is truly heart-warming.

The first recordings of glowing sea turtles

David Gruber, a researcher of National Geographic, discovered a bio-fluorescent sea turtle near the Solomon Islands. These species are critically endangered. And are among the most interesting inhabitants of the sea as they emit red and green light.

It is the first reptile which was found to be capable of bio-fluorescence – the ability to reflect blue light and re-emits it as a different color.

Octopus carries a coconut

This video shows an octopus that at the bottom of the ocean carrying two halves of a coconut. After a while the octopus stops, merges them together and begins to climb. Consequently, this behavior has caused controversy on whether or not the octopus is able to use other tools. 😀