Meet Jesus The Lizard (Video)

Nature is full of surprises, but there are things in the wilderness that are truly amazing.

In addition to this talk here is an incredible footage of basilisk lizard. And because of its ability to walk on water it is called “The Lizard Jesus Christ.”

This lizard can, incredibly, walk or rather run across the surface of the water, thanks to the fins on the side of each finger of the hind legs.

Basilisk (Basiliscus basiliscus) is a small lizard that lives in Central America, alongside rivers and waterways. When in danger, it quickly begins to run across the surface of a river or lake. It feeds on insects, small mammals, flowers, tiny reptiles and fish. Natural enemies are his birds of prey, snakes, large reptiles and mammals.

Smaller specimens of the lizard can run 10-20 meters of water without sinking. Younger lizards run faster than older ones.

Basilisk lizards usually weigh from 200-600 grams. They live on average of 7-8 years in the wilderness, but many die much earlier. Females lay 2-18 eggs, 5 to 8 times a year. Cubs are born in three months and weigh around two grams. They have extraordinary camouflage, which allows them to rest and not be spotted by their enemies.

Watch the video: