Lion, Tiger And Bear Are Inseparable Friends 15 Years (Photo)

An unusual friendship was recorded at the Noah’s Ark in Georgia as a lion, tiger and a bear are best friends for 15 years.

They were found in 2001 in one basement in Atlanta during a police raid. At that time the young ones were uninhabited and were placed in small cages.

Tiger “Shere Khan” was “bones and skin”, infected with parasites.

The lion “Leo” had an infected open wound on the nose, while “Baloo” the bear was in the worst condition. The cage parts had plowed into his flesh as he grew with time.

But, after an expert care and intervention, the three were cured. What the workers of Noah’s Ark were surprised was that these animals were very close to each other. It can be said that they are like brothers.

“Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan eat, sleep and play together. Their terrible wounds healed for months and brought them even close to each other. They have become inseparable, despite their apparent differences”they said from Noah’s Ark.

In addition, here is a photo gallery of this friendship. Enjoy!