Hilarious! Parrot Thrown out because of Constant Cursing

Ruby, an African gray parrot, was exhibited at the Notcutts Garden Center in Ashtown, UK, but customers did not like her, because she was constantly cursing.

Because of “nasty words” the staff had to remove her from the shop, but not all was lost.

Namely, experts are now working with the parrot, to try to persuade her to stop cursing, so that they will try to find a home for her.

“We have decided to remove her from the center after we have received numerous complaints about her curses. And she seems to have even expanded the vocabulary of bad words”, says Notcutts Public Relations Representative.

Apart from that, African gray parrots are also called “Einsteins in the world of parrots”, because of their intelligence.

A study in 2012 has shown that these birds are capable of thinking at a child’s level.

This parrot is quite amazing when you think about it.