German Shepherd: An Intelligent And Reliable Dog Who Loves Challenges

German Shepherd is, according to kennel standards, a medium-sized muscular dog. And depending on the type, it is covered with short or long sharp hair.

Shepherds can be monochrome, but in our region usually the German Shepherds are present with black, brown, yellow and gray with white markings. Their average lifespan is 13 years.

A dog that likes to work, thanks to its intelligence, is able to adapt to different roles and tasks to the owner before him. As throughout history, and today, German Shepherds are kept as ‘ordinary’ pets. They are also used to compete in different sport disciplines. Known as guard dogs, as well as trackers used by the military and police around the world. Their protective character, strength, endurance and sense of smell helped in saving many human lives.

Because of its universality, Shepherds became one of the most popular breeds in the world. But also a typical example of what happens when a dog comes into the hands of the wrong owner. In this case the owner who does not have time, and often the knowledge that is given to work with this typical working breed.

Talk about the fact that German Shepherds, as one of the most popular breeds in the USA, at the same time are in third place in the list of dogs which in the United States killed the most people.

Breeders and experts in dog behavior often point out that the owner who has experience with dogs’ early socialization, patient work, persistence and consistency of the German shepherd can create a stable dog that will get along just fine with other dogs, and other animals and children. Inexperienced owners, who ignore the dog and do not allow all of the above, will have a lot of problems.

This is a powerful dog full of energy who loves to work and learn. Since it’s a muscular dog full of energy, and also extremely intelligent, it needs to have full day of playtime and pampering. It should also be able to have power training. But also a design of various tasks which will exercise the dog’s intelligence. German Shepherds love challenges, and it is up to the owners to provide that.

Maintenance of the dog

It is recommended to be kept in the house with the possibility of using the yard. But, it can equally well adapt to life in an apartment. Maintaining hair is not complicated, but experts recommend daily brushing and occasionally removing dead undercoat.