Dogs Get Jealous Too

As much as people thought that dogs do not have the same traits as humans, we can only say they are mistaken.

Dogs feel jealous and find a way to show it too.

A study on dog jealousy has been conducted at the University of California where this theory has been proven.

The study included 36 small dogs whose owners had the task of doing three things.

To dedicate all their attention to a robotic dog, a plastic pumpkin and to read a child’s book by ignoring their pet.

80% of the dogs were walking and touching their owners while playing with the robot, and some dogs even ran.

They were less responsive to playing with a plastic pumpkin and reading the book.

Therefore, this research has also shown that dogs have feelings and may be jealous.

We knew that dogs were sometimes somewhat sweet on a baby who just came to the house.

But at that moment they thought they were neglected. And they thought that all your love went toward that little wrapped creature that the dog could not get.

So make sure you do everything you can for your dog not to be jealous.