Do Not Miss The Biggest Meteor Shower Ever

On Saturday, August 12, the biggest meteor shower will happen to our planet so far.

The Perseid meteor shower, however, occurs at a time when the moon is more than half.

Given the fact that it was full on August the 7, so it will reduce the visibility of meteors by 80%.

If you avoid city pollution and climb to a higher place, you can enjoy this view.

“If you provide yourself with a good viewing place, you will notice about 20 meteors per hour,” explains Robert Macey, director of the Astronomical Society in London.

The International Meteorological Organization has advised you to watch the meteor rain before 23:00 on August 12 and 13. Since that time they will be the most intense.

It’s also good to check the weather forecast to make sure it’s not cloudy exactly at the place you want to see the meteors from.

Perseids are active from July 17 to August 24, as part of a comet called 109P / Swift-Tuttle, which flies deep into our solar system.

The name comes from their location, that is, the constellation Perseus, a hero in Greek mythology.