Check Out This Cute Cat With Curled Ears

Check Out This Cute Cat With Curled Ears

The American Curl is a very friendly and playful cat, recognizable by the unusual ears that flutter from the face to the back of the head.


The breed was born after a cattery woman in California, in 1981, noticed a friend’s cat has unusual ears. It brought four kittens to the world, two with normal ears and two with curled ones.

A genetic analysis has confirmed this phenomenon to be the spontaneous mutation of the dominant genes transmitted by one parent.

They can mate with each other or with homemade cats to avoid mating in kinship, and most kittens in such mating will have curled ears.


It is a medium-size cat that appears in short-haired and long-haired variants. It can be of different colors and has moderate muscles. Her head is of wedge-shape and gives off a very cute look.


This cat is very friendly and has a balanced temperament. She gets along very well with other pets, and with children, is curious, intelligent and smooth.


The American Curl is generally a healthy cat without genetic disorders because it comes close to domestic cats.