Cats And Dogs Have Equal Intelligence

In the latest study, Japanese scientists discovered that cats have the same intelligence as dogs when it comes to remembering episodes.

Episodic memory is a type of long-term memory, which is formed by part of the brain called the dorsal hippo-campus. It is credited for autobiographical memories, like the last meal consumed.

When it comes to animals, it is difficult to say that they do have such a memory. But it has recently been proved that dogs have such power, and now they are joined by cats.

In the study, scientists studied 48 cats that had to be reminded of that plate they already ate, which was not used after 15 minutes of the act. The authors of the study say that cats knew exactly from which plate, and even which foods they ate.

Saho Takagi from Kyoto University believes that cats and dogs can remember a past event, which means that have an episodic memory. She adds that cats actively want to recall past experiences.

“Cats have the same intelligence as dogs, as opposed to the common belief that dogs are smarter than them”. said Takagi.

She believes that this research could help build better relationships between owners and their pets.

Scientists in the future will try to discover whether cats can recall the events of the distant past. Studies have shown that dogs have similar memories associated with a certain time and place.

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