Can Chimpanzees Plan Ahead?

Chimpanzees find a place to sleep while on their way to food and run a risk moving in the darkness, a time when predators are active.

The food they tend to want to find is of high desire, but less available, such as figs.

The study was published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

“We are familiar with the bird’s race for our cherries, or the squirrels for walnuts and hazelnuts, but this is a specific race between competitors of all types and locations around the world,” says Leo Polanski, a researcher at the Institute of Anthropology at the “Davis” University.

The researchers observed when and where five adult female chimpanzees spend the night during 3 periods specific to particular foods.

Chimpanzees created inventory for 275 days. The research took place in the Tai National Park, Côte d’Ivoire.

The study provides evidence that chimpanzees flexibly plan time for meal, sight and location after they collect different information.

“Long-term detailed information from the area can reveal the value of high levels of awareness and flexible behavior. All this in order to effectively supply “important” food in complex conditions,” Polanski says.