Beach That Disappeared 33 Years Ago Has Reappeared

33 years ago, i.e in 1984, the beach near the village of Dooagh on Ireland island of Achill, disappeared after a series of several storms. The sea and the winds completely washed the whole sand, leaving stones behind.

Meanwhile several completely new generations have arrived who do not remember that sandy beach to understand, such are the stories of the elderly, what exactly happened this year.

An inexplicably high and mighty wave, once it fell back into sea, left behind a 300 meter sandy beach. Exactly how the exclusively older residents of Irish westernmost island remember it.

“The beach was completely washed, 1984 is the last year when the beaches were located here”, explains the head of Tourism of Achill, Sean Molloy.

The owner of the local restaurant Alan Gael said that the beach was very important for the place.

“Our place is nice as it is, but even better when you look and see the beach instead of rocks. Once people knew it existed again, we had quite a lot visitors from inside the country again”, he added.

Achill Island is not just an isolated place, cherished by nature. It is also known for being there in the 50’s and 60’s when an anti-Nazi German writer, Heinrich Böll, lived.

Heinrich Böll is a famous Nobel laureate and one of the Germans in the history of this nation. The little house in which he once lived, today is a meeting place for writers.