Amazing! Watch How Dogs Drink Water (Video)

So far, you’ve studied your dog’s character, behavior, and the vet told you all about his health condition. However, are you sure you know how the dog drinks water?

Yes, yes, it sounds unbelievable, but that simple question has a little more complicated answer than you might have thought.

Namely, a video was filmed showing a German shepherd drinking water in the project “Secret Life of the Dog”.

Though you thought that there was nothing unbelievable and interesting in that act, the creators of this short video convinced us that we were wrong.

Since the camera that recorded this video is of high quality, the frame is zoomed in and the shot slowed down.

We can look closely at the “magic technique” applied by the tongue of the dog.

You’ve had it for years and you thought you knew everything about him.

Well than, watch below this amazing video of how the dog drinks water:

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