He Was Waiting 14 Years for a Picture! And it Was Worth It!

An Australian photographer was waiting 14 years to take a photo of the great white whale Migaloo in full “flight”.

For this unreal moment, he says it was worth it.

“It is as if I saw how Madonna strips her costume at a concert” – says Eli, hoping that will happen, but you do not expect it ever will.

The persistence of the Australian photographer Raising Elijah was finally rewarded when on one Friday he managed to get a picture of the 50-ton albino whale Migaloo in full flight with his outstanding body above the water.

“His presence is simply a unique experience, something to be admired.” said Eli.

Migaloo, an albino whale, regularly visits the coast of Australia and in 1991 it was first noticed. The photographer named this photo a “Holy Grail” of his 27-year career.

It was the first time since 2009 that the 54-year-old photographer sailed on a boat for whale-watching.

Five years ago he abandoned the “hunt” for Migaloo, whose name in the language of Aborigines means “white fellow”.

Among the photos of Eli are some fantastic panoramic series of shots that he has taken at lightning speed. These photos were taken the moment when the whale jumped out of the water.

The photographer said that these images were worth the wait, because something like this is unlikely to ever be repeated.